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Careers at VBCsemicon


Thank you for your interest in VBCSEMICON. To get in touch please complete the following form. to send us your enquiry. Alternatively please refer to Global Network to find our address & contact details.


Careers at VBCsemicon

 At VBCsemicon, we regard our employees as our most important resource. We believe investing in people is the most important investment we can can make. Being a global company, we provide our employees with opportunities to work on an international level, providing training and experiences which helps to push each individual to continously strive to reach their full potential.



VBCsemicon Academy

At VBCsemicon, we believe investing in people is the most important investment we can do. We are known for our commitment to providing our employees with an ongoing learning environment and the opportunity to develop the most current skills and expertise.  As English is the common language of business as well as the dominant language on the Internet.Our office conducts an Education Assistance Scheme where employees who embark on work-related courses aimed at achieving professional or technical qualifications at approved institutions are offered financial assistance with tutorial fees. 

All offices regularly hold discussion groups, workshops and training programs as required.


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